Tips for choosing sports shoes

Tips for choosing sports shoes

  1. Choose to suit the type of sport that is played. For example, if you are running, the shoes should be flexible and able to fully support the feet. Or if choosing to play tennis, badminton, volleyball, or basketball Shoes should also support shocks as well. Because these sports have to be constantly moving Including having to jump together as well And if you are going to use shoes in dance sports or aerobics, shoes should be light and comfortable to wear, allowing you to move better
  2. Choose to fit the size of the foot, ie the shoes must not be loose and do not have to drive too tightly. Because both of these shoes not only make your sport not performing well May also result in friction as the source of abrasions or squeezing the area of ​​the nail until it is hurt and may cause ulcers until the nail is dropped In addition, the heel may be inflated. If it is during the sport or the competition, you can be sure that your sport will be absolutely ineffective.
  3. Should change shoes immediately when the shoes are damaged or deteriorated according to Online gambling Because it may contribute to an accident For example, in the event that the shoe soles are worn and you need to run May cause slippery Or can slip together
  4. If unsure, ask the knowledgeable person. Or should take to help buy shoes Is a way for you to get shoes that are suitable for wearing in that sport. As needed


  1. Shoes used must be shoes that are specifically designed for sport.

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