Payvision Expands Footprint in Asia

Payvision Expands Footprint in Asia

Payvision is excited to expand its existence on the Asian continent by partnering with Banco Weng Hang S.A. in Macau. In 2011, Payvision opened its Workplace in the Hong Kong business district. Payvision can be successfully offering innovative cards payment solutions, in solid partnership with WHB Ltd., which lately celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

Regarding his experienced Sales force, Payvision’s Vice President for APAC, Willy Kwa Kok Leng, has acted while a reliable Advisor in an area where Trust is paramount to achievement. Building business human relationships by sharing experience and insight in the complexities of global cards processing can be fundamental in market space which can be expected to sky-rocket.

Since the release of CEPA, e-commerce between Hong Kong and mainland China is creating great momentum. In Macau, e-commerce has been promoted and subsidized by IPIM. Growth numbers for Hong Kong and Macau guarantee a bright future.

“Payvision is thrilled to partner with Banco Weng Hang S.A. in Macau. As well as this famous Acquirer we are able to offer our clients dependable, innovative cards processing solutions, including complete BIN Sponsorship. Payvision can be assured that its partnership with BWH S.A. will result in further development and mutual achievement in another of the fastest developing markets of the globe,” says Rudolf Booker, CEO of Payvision.

“We are pleased to extend our Global Cards Payment Assistance into Macau. Macau gives great Travel & Entertainment and MICE locations, which present huge possibilities for growing e-commerce marketplace in the APAC Area,” says Willy Kwa Kok Leng, Payvision’s Vice President Product sales in the APAC Area.

“Riding on the knowledge and innovative technology of Payvision, we at Banco Weng Hang S.A. are confident our fresh collaboration will increase development of our e-Commerce solutions and bring the business enterprise of our customers to a higher level,” says Cynthia Lam, Assistant General Supervisor of Banco Weng Hang, S.A.

About Payvision

Payvision, an unbiased payment solution company specialized in global cards processing for the e-commerce market, offers Acquiring Banking institutions, PSPs, ISOs and their Merchants a secure, PCI Compliant, PSD Licensed, international payment processing system, enhanced with innovative technology. Payvision provides its clients 24/7 Support, 150+ purchase currencies and regional cards settlement currencies, a high-end reporting user interface and a good risk management alternative. Founded in 2002, Payvision is normally headquartered in Amsterdam and provides expanded its global providers in over 40 countries with offices in NY, Utah, Madrid, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.